InterHealth Canada is a leading healthcare organization specializing in the development, commissioning and management of healthcare facilities. Our core business is to export Canada’s Healthcare intellectual and management expertise to emerging economies.

InterHealth Canada is committed to delivering internationally accredited healthcare management services with an emphasis on investment returns.

The organization is uniquely structured as its partners include internationally recognized Canadian academic health centers, specialty hospitals, multi-hospital systems and private healthcare companies. Our blend of private and government organizations give InterHealth Canada the advantage of accessing a comprehensive range of services from the finest systems that meet the needs of global communities and investors.

Our head office is located in Toronto, Canada with regional offices in Riyadh, London, Providenciales, Grand Turks, Warsaw and Dubai. Our team of industry recognized professionals can deliver a global perspective to your local projects. We are committed to providing world’s best practice, the latest knowledge and expertise through lifelong learning and delivering continuous professional development to our multidiscipline team.
Since 1994, InterHealth has employed over 5000 professionals worldwide and has provided healthcare to a combined population of over 20 million people.

“Strength is our people and sustainability is our focus” ©