Healthcare Management & Operations

InterHealth Canada has extensive experience in healthcare management and operations across global health care systems. We have the right experience people, commitment and a proven record to ensure the success of each project in developing and delivering world-class healthcare services.

Our Role includes

  • Policy Formulation – establish policies to provide guidance to those empowered with the responsibility to manage Hospital operations
  • Decision Making – choose from alternatives which are consistent with Board policies and that advance the goals of the Hospital
  • Oversight – monitor and assess organizational processes and outcomes

Our Responsibilities

Defining Ends – identifying key stakeholders; establishing the vision, mission and core values; contributing to the development and approval of the strategic plan; ensuring that key goals are formulated in annual operating plans; monitoring performance against the strategic and operating plan; retaining overall accountability for our performance.

Providing for Excellent Management – select the Administrative Director and Medical Director/Chair of the Medical Advisory Committee (MAC); establish measurable annual performance expectations; delegate responsibility and authority to have accountability to the Board: appraise/assess performance annually; provide for succession and ensure that the Administrative Director and Medical Director/Chair of the MAC establish a succession plan for management, professional staff and allied health workers.

Ensuring Program Quality and Effectiveness – credential professional staff; ensure quality goals and performance indicators are developed for approval of the Board and monitor indicators of clinical outcomes and quality of service; ensure processes are in place for identifying, monitoring and managing risks.

Ensuring Financial Viability – ensure that key financial objectives and indicators are developed, then monitor performance against these objectives; approve the annual operating plan; ensure optimal utilization of resources and operation of the organization within its resource envelope; ensure organization undertakes financial planning for effective resource allocation

Accreditation of Healthcare Facilities

Because Quality matters

Accreditation represents a high value tool for any healthcare project. A key value of accreditation is the process itself. Preparing for accreditation is a process that requires full mobilisation of teams, a coordination between departments, and several dry run testings’ conducted prior to the actual survey itself.

Our rigorous strategies to uphold our own organisation’s high standards underscore our commitment to providing quality services to our patient population. As such, we have successfully completed accreditations for various health care facilities including: Accreditation Canada, Care Quality Commission of the UK, and Joint Commission International.

InterHealth Canada can assist in planning, preparing and achieving accreditation for both private and government hospitals.


People and Organization

Our strength is people

InterHealth Canada brings added value and strength to any projects with its own recruitment division, InterHealth Recruitment Corporation.

We ensure comprehensive credentialing, reference checking and thorough screening techniques are developed across many countries throughout the world. This minimizes the risks involved in identifying suitably qualified experienced healthcare professionals and ensures optimum return for the client/hospital in terms of recruitment costs.

As healthcare workers represent one of the largest expenditures in the budget, we aim to establish conditions under which staff can become more productive while maintaining high-quality services and controlling costs.

Our staff training and education takes on many forms, but most importantly include:

  • Knowledge transfer, skills, and abilities
  • Competency-based training and workshops
  • Apprenticeship, internships, and mentorship programs
  • Curriculum development and implementation
  • Residency Training
  • Succession Planning

Selected Projects

Al Qassimi Hospital Emergency Department

Rashid Hospital Trauma Centre

Shaikh Khalifa Medical Centre