Royale Hayat Hospital

SCOPE: Plan, commission, manage and operate an exclusive, private maternity hospital

LOCATION: Kuwait City, Kuwait


CLIENT: Sama Medical Services

The Royale Hayat Hospital is the first private hospital in Kuwait with an exclusive focus on services for women

This 80 bed state of art facility provides a comprehensive women’s health program with a focus on maternity care. InterHealth Canada provided high-quality heaIthcare services along with oriental hospitality services with 5-star hotel standards.
The Royale Hayat Hospital is the best example of an exclusive hospital in the region that provides the perfect blend of hospitality and expert healthcare.

The Hospital specializes in Gynaecology, Obstetrics, Paediatrics, IVF, and Cosmetic Surgeries. In addition, the facility also offers wellness services, which is managed by Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts. The Royale Hayat has also recently opened a dentistry clinic in affiliation with Boost My Smile Dental Clinic.


  • Project was praised at the Kuwait Parliament, and all Kuwaitis were urged to emulate Royale Hayat model if they are to go into private healthcare.
  • Patients were wishing to avail the products of the hospital one year before the construction of the building was completed.
  • All previously defined KPI’s were achieved.
  • InterHealth Canada is the preferred healthcare service provider in the private sector for women and children, and the undisputed market benchmark for hospitality in the hospital service industry.
  • The Royale Hayat is a success of western medicine meeting eastern hospitality.