The Cheshire & Merseyside Treatment Centre

SCOPE: Finance, build and operate an elective orthopaedic surgery hospital

LOCATION: Cheshire, Worcestershire, Mid Essex -United Kingdom


CLIENT: National Health Service (NHS)

The British government awarded InterHealth Canada a five-year contract to build and operate one of the countries’ first privately managed, publicly owned orthopaedic surgery hospitals

InterHealth Canada also provided Orthopaedic Consultants, Nurses, and other Clinical staff to a second existing facility in Droitwich. A wide range of orthopaedic surgical procedures were offered along with extensive diagnostic and treatment services including physiotherapy, x-ray, ultrasound and MRI and CT scanning.

The hospital had 4 theatres, 2 with clean air-flow technology. Our physiotherapy department was designed to incorporate an excellent range of treatments and services to aid recovery and mobilization. Along with the very latest in technological design, considerations had been made for patient care and comfort.


  • The facility was awarded accreditation by the Care Quality Commission Accreditation (UK).
  • The project is the only ISTC to complete all KPI’s in the first year of operation.
  • The project was voted the best performing ISTC project.
  • No incidences of MRSA or C-diff were detected due to rigorous infection control processes.
  • All surgeries were performed by consultant grade surgeons, who were trained at leading European Hospitals.
  • InterHealth Canada managed to reduce NHS length of stay by 50%.