Żywiec Powiat Public Private Partnership (PPP)

Finance, build and operate a general hospital

Zywiec, Poland

2011 – 2049

The Zywiec Powiat


InterHealth Canada is providing a turnkey solution to the Żywiec Powiat from building to operations. The Hospital will provide general acute care, outpatient, ambulatory and emergency services. Public patients will not pay for their healthcare treatments at the PPP Hospital as their treatments will be funded by the NFZ.

InterHealth Canada is entitled to perform clinical services over and above the existing services at the main hospital. InterHealth will adapt its global solutions to the requirements of the Polish healthcare system.

The PPP transaction for Żywiec Hospital involves a long-term (30 year) co-operation between the private and public sectors designed to achieve significant and sustainable improvements to healthcare systems in the region. Importantly, this transaction was structured in a way that does not burden the Powiat’s budget with additional public debt.


  • InterHealth Canada was awarded the first healthcare PPP project in Poland.
  • By 2020, healthcare in Żywiec Powiat will become a modern, state-of-the-art, efficient system. It will generate superior clinical outcomes, guarantee patient safety and will be measured through KPIs and service quality benchmarks.
  • Accreditation is planned to be achieved within 5 years of operations.
  • InterHealth Canada will hand back the assets at the end of the 30 year term of the PPP Contract in an “un-deteriorated Żywiec Powiat PPP Hospital Business Case condition.
  • This project will become a blueprint for hospitals in Poland with similar characteristics. It is likely to become a part of a systemic solution for Polish healthcare.