Affiliations and Strategic Partners

InterHealth Canada enjoys access to an extensive network of leading Canadian healthcare organizations as well as to other healthcare and educational organizations worldwide with which we have successfully delivered successful projects globally.

We work with a blend of public and private organizations in our network of strategic partners which gives us the advantage of access to the best systems that reside in both sectors.

InterHealth Canada partners include leading institutions from Academic health centres, Leading hospitals and  Universities and colleges

This wide array of strategic partners allows InterHealth Canada to tailor internationally accepted best practice clinical programs that are specific to your facility type, its medical specialties and the surrounding cultural and legal requirements.

Our partners include leading institutions from the following sectors:

This variety of partners allows InterHealth Canada to tailor internationally accepted best practise clinical programs specific to facility type, medical specialities, cultural locale and legal requirements.

Healthcare Organizations
Kingston General Hospital

is a major tertiary care regional referral centre for community hospitals and other healthcare providers in Ontario. Integrally linked with Queen’s University Medical School, the 456-bed hospital supports acute and ambulatory clinical services, including burns and trauma, cancer care, neurosciences, surgery, paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology. It is recognized internationally for its research in musculoskeletal surgery, medical genetics, medical microbiology, and infectious diseases. As a teaching hospital, KGH’s three-part mission focuses on the provision of patient-centred programs and services, support of education and development of healthcare providers, and advancement of healthcare services through related research activities.

With the aim of having the expertise of a major tertiary referral centre and teaching hospital, InterHealth Canada formed a partnership with Kingston General Hospital.

The Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario

is a pediatric teaching hospital affiliated with the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ottawa. CHEO is also partnered with 17 other hospitals in Eastern Ontario, to provide specialized services, exchange knowledge and share expertise. The hospital treats over 6,000 inpatients and 200,000 outpatients every year, providing a complete spectrum of services for the pediatric population. These services include general and cardiovascular surgery, nephrology, orthopaedics, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, diabetes management, respiratory, genetics, speech therapy and psychiatry.

Lakeridge Health System

is one of the largest networks of community hospitals in Ontario, providing a full range of primary and secondary care through 700 beds across five hospitals in Ontario. Services include family medicine, obstetrics and gynaecology, general surgery, urology, paediatrics and psychiatry. Lakeridge Health System also provides complex continuing care, rehabilitative care, and outpatient haemodialysis services.

The Lakeridge Health System strengthens InterHealth Canada’s knowledge of the provision of primary and secondary care to rural areas serving the diverse needs of a geographically dispersed population. It is also an excellent model for creating functional partnerships between similar healthcare organizations.

The Royal Ottowa Group

is comprised of three partners: The Royal Ottawa Hospital and Brockville Psychiatric Hospital, both 200-bed psychiatric hospitals affiliated with the University of Ottawa; and the Institute of Mental Health Research, which hosts leading-edge multidisciplinary research programs investigating the biological and psychosocial factors contributing to mental illness and innovative ways to treat mental illness. The Group performs research into forensic psychiatry and the use of complementary and alternative medicine in mental health.

InterHealth Canada has formed a partnership with The Royal Ottawa Group to strengthen its reference for the treatment of psychiatric disorders and to provide access to the latest in research into the biological and psychosocial determinants of mental health.

CareRX Corp.

employ over 180 physicians, including specialists in pediatrics, internal medicine and counselling, as well as a team of registered nurses, receptionists and administration staff to provide a full scope of services out of more than 24 clinic locations in Alberta.

Medicentre’s goal is to provide first class primary health care to the public. It achieves this by meeting patients’ needs in a responsive, competent, caring and professional manner. Providing physicians, nurses and receptionists with well located, well-appointed and well-managed facilities. Providing its staff with the ongoing training and support systems necessary to fulfil the company’s goals.

The Homewood Corporation

owns and operates the Homewood Health Centre, a 312-bed psychiatric hospital; the Homewood Behavioral Health Corporation, a leading Canadian provider of employee assistance programs; and the Homewood Research Institute specializing in assessing outcomes and cost-effectiveness in mental healthcare services. Through these three privately owned and publicly funded centers, Homewood provides a full range of psychiatric services.

Homewood is best known for its specialized treatment programs in addiction, eating disorders, trauma, depression, stress and anxiety, acute psychiatry, schizophrenia, and mood disorders. It also provides behavioural and mental health services on behalf of employers and insurers, and a unique continuum of care for seniors.

Homewood has vast experience in the consulting and design of primary prevention and health education programs. With strong proven clinical outcomes, and through its affiliation with McMaster University, Homewood is among the most effective providers of psychiatric services in Canada. It is also a key player in research initiatives involving 21 countries around the world, in North America, Europe, Scandinavia, the Pacific Rim and the Middle East.

The Homewood Research Institute provides InterHealth Canada with the ability to tap into the latest in global mental health research and treatment, and access to over 100 years of expertise in providing private care in a publicly funded system.

Ornge Transport Medicine

operate one of the largest programs of transport medicine in North America with a mission of providing patient care with innovative transport medicine. Ornge works to give the residents of Ontario Canada access to healthcare by operating from numerous bases located across the province. Nine of these bases are staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Ornge consists of over 300 dedicated employees including paramedics, paediatric transport nurses, transport medicine physicians, lead educators, researchers and office staff who champion the organizations’ vision of propelling life with innovation.

Ornge paramedics and nurses are trained to provide care for critically ill or injured patients outside the traditional bricks and mortar of a hospital. They are experienced and highly trained in providing specialized care to patients in the medical transport environment.

FingerPrint Medical Limited (FML)

was established in 1993 and is a trusted provider of software solutions for the healthcare organisation in the United Kingdom, Irish Republic and the Russian Federation, and has maintained their leadership position in computerised traceability systems through innovation and system quality for more than 20 years. Fingerprint Medical Limited is the sole developer and owner of the FingerPrint Tracker suite of programs.

Fingerprint Medical Limited are the current national traceability provider for the Republic of Ireland where our systems are used in every acute hospital and endoscopy unit throughout the country. The system is centralised and deployed using leading VDI technology and reaches more than 600 end-points in over 50 hospitals.

Canadian Council on Health Services Accreditation

Accreditation Canada delivers a wide range of high-impact assessment programs for health and social service organizations, powered by HSO, and customized to local needs. Accreditation Canada works with more than 900 expert peer surveyors with extensive health care and social services experience and trained in Accreditation Canada’s customized, continuous assessment program.

For more than 60 years, Accreditation Canada has been working with health, social and community service organizations to advance quality and safety.

Universities and Colleges
Humber College of Applied Arts and Technology

is one of Canada’s largest community colleges offering 150 full-time diploma programs and over 200 certificate programs. Humber has 45,000 students from Canada and around the world. The School of Health Sciences has prepared students for careers in healthcare for 35 years and is considered to be among the leading colleges in Canada for the education and training of a broad range of health professionals. Programs offered at the school include nursing, gerontology, physiotherapy, paramedical, and clinical research.

With a partner such as Humber College, InterHealth Canada is well positioned to facilitate training and education programs for nursing and other allied health professionals. This partnership also provides InterHealth Canada with a link to the changing demands being placed on the healthcare workforce.

Dalhousie University

was founded more than 125 years ago and is one of Canada’s premier universities. It has 700 undergraduate and postgraduate medical students and offers instruction in all areas of medical specialization through over 1250 faculty members. It is a highly research-intensive institution and boasts some of the country’s top investigators and educators. Through the years, Dalhousie graduates have pioneered advancements in patient care, medical research and medical education.
Dalhousie provides InterHealth Canada with access to an internationally recognized medical school and to its education and research resources.

Private sectorpartners
Hellmuth, Obata and Kassabaum, Inc. (HOK)

is a global provider of design and project delivery services. It consists of 1,600 professionals linked across a network of offices in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. Industry surveys consistently rank HOK among the world’s leading design firms. They manage the planning, design, and construction process for all types of clients and facilities in every part of the world.

Hok has experts who are trained and experienced in providing program and conceptual expertise for healthcare projects and has specialized in the planning and design of healthcare facilities for more than four decades. During the last 10 years, they have completed more than 400 healthcare projects and designed major replacement facilities and/or master plans for 75 of the world’s leading teaching hospitals.

Partnership with HOK provides access to hospital planning and architectural expertise for InterHealth Canada and its clients.


has excelled in providing engineering and project management services to government and private sector clients worldwide for over forty years. With its head office in Markham, Canada it has successfully completed projects in over 40 countries. Cansult offers a wide range of services to meet its clients’ needs, with a focus on transportation, construction, and infrastructure projects. Some of Cansult’s international projects include the Jordanian Canadian University College of Nursing and Health Sciences in Jordan, the Norman Manley International Airport in Jamaica and Al Ain Industrial City in the United Arab Emirates.

InterHealth Canada’s partnership with Cansult provides strategic access to proven project management expertise and engineering services.

Currently a part of ECOM.


is Canada’s only truly full-service healthcare group purchasing organization. Medbuy partners with health service providers to deliver the best possible medical supplies, services and pharmaceuticals for the best possible price. Over the past 20 plus years, Medbuy has helped save the health system hundreds of millions of dollars using patient-centred sourcing practices.