Al Qassimi Women & Children’s Hospital

Scope: Commissioning Leadership Consultancy, Operations and Management, Management Leadership Consultancy, Education and Training Location: Sharjah, United Arab Emirates Project duration: 2015 – 2023 Client: Ministry of Health and Prevention, United Arab of Emirates

INTERHEALTH CANADA  PRIVIDED THE FOLLOWING CRITICAL ASPECTS  OF COMMISSIONING AND MANAGEMENT: Strategic Planning, Medical Staff Planning and Recruitment, Creation of Policies and Procedures, Patient Education, Continuing Education and Competency Validation, Quality and Regulations Strategy


The Al Qassimi Women and Children’s hospital Emergency Department is a newly commissioned department opened in November 2017. The first phase is now running efficiently with future plans to open the second phase. The whole service provided for children aged 0-13 and any aged female.

The hospital’s vision is to become a centre of excellence within the region combining technological excellence and supreme quality of care.