Who we Are

COMMITTED TO EXCELLENCE IN SERVICE STANDARDS and dedicated to always surpass expectations



Excellence through obsession with quality, sustainability and the empowerment of providers


Committed to bring positive change to communities through better healthcare outcomes by the collaboration of talented minds delivering culturally sensitive, fiscally responsible, evidence-based solutions


Integrity: honesty, professionalism, ethic and fairness. People trust our practical experience and rely on our guidance

Excellence: deep understanding of processes and continuous improvement of skills towards the outstanding service deliverance surpassing the highest standards

Diversity: healthy debate and differences of opinion within a harmonious team framework. People with different ideas, varying strengths and diverse cultural backgrounds are the main pillars of the Company

Efficiency: consistency in delivering expected results and objectives by meeting deadlines and complying with the highest of quality, productivity and performance standards

YOUR INTERHEALTH CANADA EXPERIENCE will be pleasantly different from others; we are simply the best!