Various Healthcare Training and Education

Scope: Training and Development Location: Nationwide, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Project duration: 2014 - 2015 Client: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health, KSA

INTERHEALTH CANADA COLLABORATED WITH INTERNATIONAL LEADERS AND ORGANIZATIONS and leveraged the local content and expertise in a standardized method of delivery

The vast success of the programs is owed to the fact that the content delivered was developed through a series of workshops between the local and international teams to ensure that not only the programs are to the highest standards, but that they reflected the local context and trainee level of preparedness for the programs.

In response to a Royal Decree, InterHealth Canada was contracted by the KSA Ministry of Health General Directorate of Training and Scholarship to develop the following programs:

1. An Entry to Practice Program- a comprehensive training program that prepares over 6,000 health institutes graduates for the workplace by improving the competencies required by their work environment.

2. Acute Critical Events Simulation (ACES) and CanMEDS Training Programs

3. Staff training in selected topics in Emergency Medical Services and Healthcare Emergency Management in nationwide hospitals.

4. Patient Safety Programs


  • Standardized clinical and non-clinical competencies that are compliant with Saudi Commission requirements where relevant
  • InterHealth Canada developed materials for 45 ACES workshops plus 10 ToT workshops
  • InterHealth Canada developed materials for 55 CanMEDS workshops
  • InterHealth Canada conceived a sustainable framework for training and development

In collaboration with: