Al Qassimi Women & Children’s Hospital

Commission, Manage and Operate initial phase of the emergency department, Phasing plan

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

2017 – 2020

Ministry of Health and Prevention, United Arab of Emirates


The Al Qassimi Women and Children’s hospital Emergency Department is a newly commissioned department opened in November 2017. The first phase is now running efficiently with future plans to open the second phase. The whole service provided for children aged 0-13 and any aged female.

InterHealth Canada provided the following critical aspects of commissioning and management: Strategic Planning, Medical Staff Planning and Recruitment, Creation of Policies and Procedures, Patient Education, Continuing Education and Competency Validation, Quality and Regulations Strategy.

The hospital’s vision is to become a centre of excellence within the region combining technological excellence and supreme quality of care.


  • Within few months, InterHealth Canada achieved 100% of triage category 1 patients seen immediately.
  • InterHealth Canada sets a vision for the upcoming years with key objectives focused on evidence-based quality of care and staff satisfaction
  • Staffing of the Hospital include Tier 1 consultants with a 24/7 coverage, dedicated Quality Manager and senior qualified nurses.
  • Waiting times at the ED have dropped significantly from 56 min to 22 min