Healthcare Consulting

As THE international market leader in Healthcare Consulting Services, we provide our clients with a customized project mechanism to evaluate critical factors and set a solid foundation, maximizing project potential and returns.


Due Diligence and Financial Feasabilities

By being present in the early stages of any healthcare projects, InterHealth Canada can help you set reasonable expectations, realistic capital requirements and timelines.

InterHealth Canada understands and employs best practices when conducting feasibility studies and due diligence and how to use these resources to develop and analyse business plans to ensure they are realistic and sound.
We offer:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Demographic market analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Market demand
  • Capability of services
  • Financial assessment and modelling
  • Return on investment

Clinical Master Planning

Building Hospitals the Right Way

Designing of a healthcare facility to meet the end-user requirement requires full integration of the end-user in the preliminary planning phases. InterHealth Canada has been successful in diagnosing numerous hospital design and related issues and its impact on delivering the intended medical service and flexibility for future growth

We ensure:

  • The Design Process has a Team Structure; roles and responsibilities
  • The design meets operational efficiency
  • The design minimises the operational and clinical risk
  • The equipment needs are integrated into Design

We would ensure that the medical planning of the facility would achieve operational efficiencies and facilitate the obtainment of International Accreditation from conception design to detailed design, InterHealth Canada will be your Medical Planning Consultant/Technical Advisor. We will lead the Functional Programming process, which aims to develop program space needs, and functional relationships. This program will address both short term and long term strategic planning initiatives of the healthcare facility.

The leadership of the project will be the planning and construction of hospitals, and a core team of experienced healthcare professionals will be assigned to work on the project.

Commissioning Consultancy

Ensuring a Smooth Startup

InterHealth Canada commissioning team will ensure all systems, equipment, staffing, policies/procedures, training, supplies, are in place to facilitate a safe, efficient and smooth start up.

The commissioning team will monitor the start-up schedule; establish milestones, flag deficiencies, and record progress. Mission critical items will be identified and the team will provide for early intervention and if necessary, shifting of resources, to all areas causing concern.

The commissioning function will ensure that a seamless process is in place to provide for maximum communication and coordination during transfer from building the hospital to operating it. Risks will be minimized and gaps identified early to ensure all essential parts are in place and interconnected to each other.

Strategy Development Consultancy

For healthcare companies, growth is crucial. InterHealth Canada provides strategy consulting that help healthcare leaders dive into the ever-accelerating pace of change environment with sustainability and confidence. Our industry-specific strategy consulting can help clients adopt a proactive solution, tailored to their needs and adapted to change. Our best-practice approach enables leaders to develop robust corporate strategies while being innovative, improve organizational effectiveness, to better fulfil their missions.

Selected Projects

Prince Mohammed Bin Abdelaziz Medical City

Rashid Hospital Trauma Centre

Royale Hayat Hospital