Interhealth Medical Services


InterHealth Canada is a world leader in healthcare management and operations with a diverse portfolio of planning, management, and consulting activities. We deliver cost-effective, tailormade, culturally sensitive solutions that meet international quality standards in both public and private sector environments.

With over 25 years of experience in developing and implementing a varied range of primary, secondary, and tertiary care healthcareprojects globally, InterHealth Canada is a partner of choice for your next project


Located in Abu Dhabi, InterHealth Medical Services is a global-leading medical services provider. We specialize in a wide range of support roles and deliver affordable, customized healthcare solutions that are both comprehensive and top tier in scope.                                                                                                                                                                      Our company works to fulfill medical services in multiple sectors, including onshore and offshore support in the oil and gas sector and at major construction sites. We also provide additional medical support for other site clinics and ambulance services at shopping malls, labor camps, and within educational institutions.

InterHealth is there when you need us most as we offer around-the-clock medical help and evacuation support for major incidents. We provide personnel and equipment at local and international events, and our team also supports occupational and industrial health management.

Through our state-of-the art, advanced treatment facilities and diagnostic equipment—and our expertise—we’re a global leader in project management services. Our company will always conform to international standards and best practices.


We are committed to bring positive change to communities through better healthcare outcomes by the collaboration of talented minds delivering culturally sensitive, fiscally responsible, evidence-based solutions


To achieve excellence through reliability, quality, sustainability, and the empowerment of providers



Honesty, professionalism, ethic, and fairness. People trust our practical experience and rely on our guidance


Healthy debate and differences of opinion within a harmonious team framework. People with different ideas, varying strengths, and diverse cultural backgrounds are the main pillars of the company


Consistency in delivering expected results and objectives by meeting deadlines and complying with the highest quality, productivity, and performance standards

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Deep understanding of processes and continuous improvement of skills toward the outstanding service
deliverance surpassing the highest standards