Knowledge Medical Village

Pre-operating Consulting, Commissioning and Management & Operations

Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

2018 – 2033

Wadi Jeddah


InterHealth Canada is working with the King Abdul-Aziz University investment arm, Wadi Jeddah for the development of a 210-bed multi-speciality private hospital in Jeddah.

During this time, InterHealth Canada will provide the following: consultancy during the late design phase, Clinical and clinical support services planning and execution, knowledge transfer as well as training and development provision.

The overall Hospital Strategy focuses and maximising the patient experience and medical outcome.


  • Interhealth Canada proposes to provide the leadership team for the hospital to ensure a proper environment for knowledge transfer, Saudization and business continuity
  • InterHealth Canada will select the most appropriate accreditation framework and embed quality and excellence throughout all aspects of the project services
  • InterHealth Canada will follow a patient-centred approach to leverage synergies between medical scope and the hospital strategy