Prince Mohammed Bin Abdelaziz Medical City

SCOPE: Master Plan and Roadmap design for the Medical City, with accompanying PMO support tools and methodologies

LOCATION: Al Jouf, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


CLIENT: Ministry of Health, KSA

InterHealth Canada was contracted to provide strategic planning and system implementation at the Prince Mohammed Medical City in Al Jouf, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

InterHealth Canada provided the following critical aspects of operational master planning: Clinical Design Review; Design Model of Care and Operating Model; Clinical Service Planning; HR and Talent Management Planning; Master Plan Integrated Implementation Plan; Supply Chain and Supply Chain Management; and Quality and Regulations Strategy.

PMMC will become the central hub of the healthcare system in the Northern Region of KSA – serving a population of over 2.1 million. PMMC will offer a full range of tertiary and acute care services, with an end capacity of approximately 1,000 inpatient beds.


  • The Master Plan details all clinical and non-clinical elements of the facility.
  • This is a critical project and a key component of the KSA Ministry of Health’s strategic plan.
  • The Roadmap provides a week-by-week guide to the implementation of the tertiary centers and specialty hospitals, alongside associated interdependencies to deliver complex clinical services to the region (from date of planning until 2022).
  • PMMC will revolutionize the healthcare system in the Northern Region and drive fundamental improvements to the quality and accessibility of care for years to come.
  • InterHealth Canada worked with PriceWaterhouseCoopers for their consultancy on administrative and IT elements.