Rashid Hospital Trauma Centre

SCOPE: Commissioning and Management Leadership Consultancy, Operations and Management, Education and Training

LOCATION: Dubai, United Arab Emirates


CLIENT: Dubai Health Authority (DHA)

InterHealth Canada’s success at the Trauma Centre was made possible due to the implementation of exemplary strategies and processes

The Rashid Trauma Centre, situated on the Rashid Campus, is home to Dubai’s only Trauma Centre and to 70% of the adult critical care beds in the Emirate.

InterHealth Canada managed the Centre, which provided complex surgical care to the population. The Emergency department was initially set up for 85,000 people, but saw more than 150,000 patients including paediatric trauma cases. The Theatres run with more than 900 cases per month.

InterHealth Canada delivered 1800 hours of Emergency Department specific education. In addition, InterHealth Canada designed and implemented an ED residency program, which was supported by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada


  • The facility was accredited and reaccredited by Joint Commission International (JCI).
  • The Centre got accredited for Disease-Specific Accreditation for Non-Stemi MI pathway that became a JCI exemplary pathway.
  • InterHealth Canada received the Arab Health Specialist Achievement Award for Emergency Medical Services in 2008, 2010, 2012.
  • The Centre experiences a 20% increase in people presenting through the Trauma Center ED within the first year.
  • InterHealth Canada developed a robust disaster management and response plan.
  • InterHealth Canada introduced and implemented improved standards of clinical care through continuous training and education and identified operational efficiencies.
  • InterHealth Canada developed the paediatric pathway from ED to admission.