Maria Mieleszko
Deputy Director InterHealth Canada, Poland

Maria Mieleszko is the deputy of the Director of the Żywiec Hospital responsible for organizational matters and the Hospital CEO’s office.  She graduated from the English Studies Department of the University of Wrocław and also completed postgraduate studies in law and economy of the European Union and human resources management. She worked as the translator and project manager in a translation agency. Maria has been associated with the Project of the New Hospital in Żywiec since the first round of the competitive dialogue, first as a translator cooperating with InterHealth Canada and since 2012, as its employee taking part in all the tasks necessary to implement the Project, cooperating with both employees of the existing Hospital in Żywiec and representatives of the Public Partner, working on documents indispensable for obtaining the financing for the Project. She actively participated and led  streams of activities in the transition process leading up to the successful opening of the Żywiec Hospital.